Founded on powerful values

Litmail is founded on powerful core values of integrity, professionalism, and excellence. From the design of our website to the processes that run in the background, every aspect is designed to exhibit the highest form of professionalism.

Our vision is to see African businesses grow into formidable enterprises. Email may seem like a basic business tool to most people but for us, it represents so much more than that. Choosing professional business email takes your business from being a 'let me try this entrepreneurship thing' to 'come let's do business'.

Thando Ncube

Founder & CEO

Thando is a lover of Africa! Before Litmail, he co-founded, a website focused on disseminating Africa-specific financial information. Thando was born to entrepreneurial parents who despite not having an education, managed to build businesses for themselves. With training in actuarial science, Thando has a passion for design, technology and the African continent.