Quick information submission

You send us your information through our quick and easy sign-up form. This is where you get to put in your details and company information as well as your desired domain name.

Secure payments

We utilise the secure PayFast platform for payments. We accept EFT, Credit Card, Cheque Card and Debit Card payments. You also have the option to make a direct payment to our bank account.

Confirmation of domain name

We check with you before making the final registration of your domain name if there are any issues with your chosen domain name.

Account verification

We send you an email to verify your current email address for security purposes after which your email setup can proceed.

Your email is setup

We include group email setup for addresses such as info@yourcompany.co.za

You login and upgrade(for paid packages)

Once setup is complete you may then login to your new account and make payment for the upgrade.

Quick efficient service Our process is designed with great customer service in mind. We take pride in delighting our customers!

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